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Proudly Australian family owned and operated, Axichem has over 20 years experience supplying AgChem products to the Broadacre, Horticultural, Sugarcane and Cotton Industries. Farming is in our blood and our dedicated team go above and beyond to deliver you the best solutions. Developed and tested in-house, our products are second to none and designed for the rugged and ever changing Australian environment. 

100% Australian Owned quality crop protection​

Our company is made up of great people and that’s what makes us as good as we are. We make it fast, we pack it fast, we despatch it fast. we know what we’re doing.

With proven experience in bringing novel ideas to market, our Chemists are also responsible for quality control and production. Axichem’s own R&D and Quality Control labs ensure your orders are received in full and on time…every time.

Your satisfaction is our success.


Just as weather forecasts are essential for you to make informed decisions that can affect your crops, livestock, and finances, knowing what chemicals you’ll need in advance helps you to apply the right stuff at the right time to ensure healthy crop growth and productivity, reduce waste and save money.

We’ll soon be launching a members only forecasting system for our valued clients. You’ll be directly connected with your sales team online, it’s a simple and effective way to tell us what you need for the coming year.




Herbicides are effective in controlling weeds that compete with crops for essential resources like water, nutrients, and sunlight – leading to higher crop yields and improved quality. Herbicides are convenient and efficient, as they can cover large areas quickly without the need for manual labor, freeing up time and resources so you can focus on the important things like improving your overall productivity and profitability.


Axichem fungicides are widely used to protect crops from fungal diseases that can cause significant yield losses and reduce crop quality. By preventing disease, fungicides can save you the cost of replanting, as well as the cost of lost yields, leading to a more cost-effective operation. Increase the marketability of your crops by producing crops that are free of disease and of high quality, leading to better returns.


Insecticides in agriculture provide several benefits that can help you improve crop health and yields. By applying insecticides, you reduce the risk of crop loss, improve the quality and help to extend the shelf life of crops, making them more marketable and profitable. Insecticides can be applied at specific times in the growing season to manage insect populations in a timely and effective manner, improving overall efficiency.

Wetters, Oils, Tank additives

These play a crucial role by optimising the performance of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Increase the penetration and uptake of active ingredients, improve the stability of the spray solution, and reduce the amount of active ingredient required to achieve the desired result. This results in more efficient use of resources, increased crop yields, and reduced environmental impact.

Seed Dressing

Protect seeds and promote growth during the early stages of crop development. Applying seed dressings can help to ensure seeds are free from diseases and pests, reducing crop losses and increase yields. Seed dressings can also provide essential nutrients to seeds, promoting healthy growth and development. This results in stronger, more vigorous plants that are better able to resist environmental stress and produce higher yields.

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are used to regulate the growth and development of crops. PGRs can help increase the yield and quality of crops by promoting uniform growth and maturity, leading to higher productivity and more consistent product characteristics. Additionally, PGRs can also help crops to better withstand environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures and drought.

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