Well importantly we think we are pretty good at what we do.

Firstly, we make a quality product and secondly we offer a pretty great service.

Our company is made up of great people and that's what makes us as good as we are, we try our best every time and that's all anyone can ask. We make it fast, we pack it fast, we despatch it fast, BUT we know what we're doing and we check everything so that you get a top quality product you can trust.

Okay the boring bits:

We have our own laboratory where we test and test and test, we have all the latest whiz-bang thingamajigs. Every now and then the owner asks the manager and chemist "HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND THIS TIME?". The standard response is always "not too much", please do not tell him that this is a bog standard response, because in fact we spend heaps to ensure we have the latest whiz-bang thingamajigs, but hey our clients (that's you) are worth it.

Talking about the owner he's a Chemist and also a part-time farmer, so he knows what he needs and we offer his expertise to you our clients as well. He has been in the game for a long while now, but as he tells us he is not old just mature, we have our own word but it's spelt differently.

We have production personnel who go above and beyond what is expected and they have a lot of years experience between them all. They put in the long hours so you can get the goods when you need them.

We have a great group of office people (yes they work hard as well) who are willing to take both the good calls and the bad. They will do whatever they can to help you and they're also great at what they do. The have all the latest technical doodads as well how else could they browse the net all day to ensure they can do a great job.

What the whole company boils down to really is that we are a great group of people doing the best that we can, so that you can do the best that you can in what you do.

Our company statement is simple it is "We make a quality ag chem product" that's it simple, that's what we do and we hope we can be with you our clients for many many years to come.


The Axichem Team